Log to Loggly from your PowerShell Scripts

I’ve been pondering how to keep track of the results of the various PowerShell scripts on my network. I first considered setting up Windows Event Log forwarding, but I deemed that a bit too complex just to log some information from my scripts.

I then found Loggly, a cloud-based logging service that has an easy-to-use JSON API. At the time of writing, they have a “Lite” plan that’s free, and includes 200MB of logged data per day, with 7 days of retention.

Here’s a quick and dirty function that I can include in my scripts to log errors and other information to Loggly, where I can then search and filter based on hostname and the source script.

Note that if you use a proxy on your network, you can specify one when using Invoke-WebRequest.

Here’s the function, which needs to be put at the top of your PowerShell script. Just remember to replace “CUSTOMER_TOKEN” with your actual customer token:

function LogToLoggly {
    param ($Message,$Type)

    $logURI = "https://logs-01.loggly.com/bulk/CUSTOMER_TOKEN/tag/powershell"
    # If we don't specify a type via parameter, assume it's information
    if ($Type -eq $null) { $Type = "Information" }

    $jsonstream = @{
        "timestamp" = (get-date -Format s);
        "type" = $Type;
        "source" = $MyInvocation.ScriptName.Replace((Split-Path $MyInvocation.ScriptName),'').TrimStart('');
        "hostname" = $env:COMPUTERNAME;
        "message" = $Message;
        "exception" = $Exception

    $jsonstream | Invoke-WebRequest -Method Post -Uri $logURI

Here’s how you’d log an informational message:

LogToLoggly "This is a test log message"

And an error:

LogToLoggly "This is a test error message" "Error"

This is the JSON that gets sent to Loggly:

    "message":  "This is a test error message",
    "source":  "testing-1.ps1",
    "timestamp":  "2014-05-19T19:08:59",
    "exception":  null,
    "hostname":  "COMPUTER.LOCAL",
    "type":  "Error"

And this is what it looks like in Loggly:

2014-05-19 19_10_32-Loggly _ Search!

Send Sample Data to Loggly using PowerShell

I’ve been investigating the viability of logging from PowerShell scripts to Loggly, and I came across their “Send Sample Data to Loggly” intro page. They instruct Windows users to install and use cURL to send their data to the API, but this isn’t necessary if you have PowerShell 3.0 or newer.

Just run the following one-liner in a PowerShell console window:

(wget "http://www.loggly.com/install/LogglySample.log").RawContent | iwr -Method Post -Uri "https://logs-01.loggly.com/bulk/CUSTOMER_TOKEN/tag/sample" -ContentType "text/plain" 

Note: ‘iwr’ and ‘wget’ as used above are both aliases for the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet: