SCCM Not Downloading Latest MSI/MST Files

Back from long service leave, and back into it!

Whilst setting up my first-ever proper Application deployment in SCCM 2012 R2, my DFS/GPO software deployment background caused me some trouble. I’d drop in an updated MSI or MST file into the share on the server, but the client wouldn’t pick that version up.

I’d initially deployed iTunes via SCCM without a transform file, but then afterwards created an MST to remove the desktop shortcut and disable Apple Software Update. Each time I tried reinstalling, the MST wouldn’t be applied.

I learned two things today:

  1. Clients download the content via HTTP(S) from the distribution point
  2. Clients cache the installation files locally in c:windowsccmcache

To resolve my problem, where the updated MSI and MST weren’t being used, I had to do the following:

  1. I had to Redistribute the package from Administration –> Overview –> Distribution Points –> {My Distribution Point} in the Content tab.


  2. I cleared out the client’s cache from the Configuration Manager applet in Control Panel.

One other handy tip, I used the following PowerShell command to search the CCM client’s logs for a specific keyword:

Get-Content $env:SystemRootccmlogs*.log | Select-String "iTunes64"

This helped me discover from where the client was downloading the package, and narrowed down my search. It’s a useful one-liner that can be used to search any folder full of logfiles.