Import Spiceworks users into FreshDesk

I found that the simplest way to migrate Spiceworks users into FreshDesk as contacts is as follows:

  1. In FreshDesk, set up companies (if required). This will ensure that contacts are assigned to the relevant company upon creation.
  2. Export the Spiceworks users to CSV. I used SQLite Studio.
    1. Run the query (see the bottom of this article)
    2. Copy the results from SQLite Studio, and paste into Excel
    3. Add a header row at the top of the Excel worksheet with the following headings in this order:
      1. email
      2. name
      3. title
      4. mobile
      5. phone
      6. time_zone
      7. language
    4. Save the CSV
  3. Import the CSV into FreshDesk. It will ask you to map the fields, but we’ve named the fields identically anyway so this will be simple.

Note: If you want to see which fields are valid to use for contact import, access the following URL http://{your_helpdesk_url}/admin/contact_fields.json

I use the JSON Formatter extension for Chrome to make JSON readable.

Here’s the query for SQLite. Note that this will only get users who have created tickets in the past two years:

select distinct as email,
u.first_name || ' ' || u.last_name as name,
u.title as job_title,
u.cell_phone as mobile,
u.office_phone as phone,
u.location as time_zone,
'en' as language
from users as u
inner join tickets as t on = t.created_by
where (u.disabled is null) and ((u.first_name is not null) and (u.last_name is not null))
and (t.created_at > date('now','-2 years'))
order by u.last_name