Open-Audit Released

It looks like Open-Audit has finally been released to the public. I may be a few months slow here, but the website is now up and running.

The file release on Sourceforge is a old though, from December 2006. I’ve been using the latest build from Subversion since I started using Open-Audit, and I’ve never experienced any problems.

 To download the latest version from SVN using Linux, do the following:

svn co open-audit

tar -czvf openaudit.tar.gz open-audit/

I normally use Filezilla to download the tarball from the linux box to my Windows machine.

Just make sure you make a backup of your ‘audit.config’ file (contained in the ‘scripts’ subfolder) before you overwrite any files.


CakePHP logo If, like me, you’re not a real PHP aficionado, you can use CakePHP to fast-track application development. Using CakePHP still requires a modicum of PHP know-how, but this can help you learn about MVC and OO PHP.

I had a look at a few different PHP MVC frameworks, and while I thought that Symfony looked the best, I ended up going with CakePHP due to hosting restrictions. CakePHP fits the bill for me due to not being able (or inclined) to change the virtual directory or install any type of URL rewriting modules.

I found that the best tutorial so far is the IBM DeveloperWorks series ‘Cook up Web sites fast with CakePHP’.

Some of the resources i’ve used so far:

I’ll post more tidbits of useful info about CakePHP and what i’ve learned here as I go.