Mitel: The TKB has failed to connect to or has lost connection with the IP console application

Had an issue today where our old IP5550 consoles decided that they wouldn’t communicate with the software on our reception PCs. Looking through the logs, this was the only error I could find:

The TKB has failed to connect to or has lost connection with the IP console application

As it happened, I’d just built a Windows 10 PC and installed the 5550 software. I thought that some incompatibility with W10 was the cause of my issues, but then the second console with software on a Windows 7 PC also decided to flake out.

The solution, after all of my troubleshooting, was to pull the power plug on both of the IP consoles and then plug them back in again. So basic that I should have thought of it earlier.


Retrieving voicemail files from a Mitel 3300 controller, and converting them to WAV

Today I had the displeasure of having to figure out how to retrieve and convert voicemail files from some old Mitel 3300 controllers.

Thanks to this forum post which pointed me in the right direction.

  1. Connect via FTP using a proper FTP client like FileZilla, to the 3300’s IP address
  2. Navigate to /vmail/d/vm/grp/<extension>
  3. Grab the relevant file. They’re all G.711 U-Law format RAW audio files
  4. Grab SoX –, and extract it somewhere
  5. Run the following command:
sox.exe --channels 1 --type raw --rate 8000 -e u-law -v 1 -D <inputfile> outputfile.wav