Windows Server 2012 – Failover Clustering error “Cluster network name resource ‘Cluster Name’ failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason: DNS bad key.”

Today I had to troubleshoot an issue on our 2012 (non-R2) cluster that was causing live migration to fail. Quick migration wasn’t affected.

The error I was receiving was:

Cluster network name resource 'Cluster Name' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason: DNS bad key.

I tried all of the suggestions on the various KB articles and blog posts, but none of them would help. A lot of them were related to externally-hosted DNS, but our DNS is a normal AD-integrated zone hosted internally. I tried removing the cluster node object’s DNS A record, and forcing a repair:

(By the way, just confirming that taking the Cluster Name resource offline doesn’t affect the Hyper-V workloads running on the cluster)

The repair recreated the CNO A-record with the correct permissions assigned to the cluster’s AD computer account. This still didn’t help.

I then edited the permissions on the CNO’s DNS A-record to allow the individual cluster nodes’ computer accounts write access, and the problem went away.


I’ll be the first to admit that this is an annoying solution as I’m going to have to add the permissions for new cluster nodes as they’re added to the cluster in the future. That said, I think I’m going to build a new 2012 R2 cluster on the other two blades, move the workloads across, and then rebuild these nodes as well.

ShadowProtect filter driver causing CSV to run in redirected mode on Server 2012

Had an issue on some new Server 2012 Hyper-V clustered hosts. Started seeing the following error in the logs:

Cluster Shared Volume 'SERVERNAME' ('') has identified one or more active filter drivers on this device stack that could interfere with CSV operations. I/O access will be redirected to the storage device over the network through another Cluster node. This may result in degraded performance. Please contact the filter driver vendor to verify interoperability with Cluster Shared Volumes. 

Active filter drivers found:

Yes, those are random characters in the error message, so it’s difficult to track down the filter driver in question.

This seems to match the same issue in Server 2008 R2 – Redirected mode is enabled unexpectedly in a Cluster Shared Volume when you are running a third-party application in a Windows Server 2008 R2-based cluster

In the Microsoft KB notes, they state one of the conditions as being:

  • The third-party application has a mini-filter driver that uses an altitude value to determine the load order of the mini-filter driver.
  • The altitude value contains a decimal point.

Running fltmc.exe on these hosts shows the following filter drivers loaded:


The filter driver with the decimal point is stcvsm, the “StorageCraft Volume Snapshot Driver” The problem has only been occurring recently, after I installed ShadowProtect.

I’ve had to uninstall ShadowProtect from these servers until it’s officially supported on Server 2012. According to StorageCraft, that should be 90 days after the official launch date of Server 2012. That means there should be a new version of ShadowProtect around the 3rd of December 2012.

NLB on a Hyper-V host

Just a quick gotcha I came up against when I was trying to set up a CAS array on my Exchange 2010 boxes. I kept getting errors when trying to set up a unicast NLB cluster, and the nodes wouldn’t converge.

I ended up figuring out that I had to enable MAC address spoofing on the virtual NICs. The cluster needs to assign the same MAC to both cluster NICs, and this isn’t possible without having that checkbox ticked. This feature is only available in Hyper-V since Server 2008 R2 was released.

I was going to write a more detailed article about it, but as usual, Paul Cunningham’s great blog has it covered already in detail with screenshots.