Using your service desk system to track and schedule important & security-related tasks

Most IT departments would have some type of service desk system in place, but are they using it for more than just the basic support scenarios and change control?

Any modern service desk system should also be able to schedule tickets and change requests, and perhaps even perform more advanced workflow functions.

I’m using the excellent Freshservice SaaS app, and I’ve recently been taking advantage of the scheduling and workflow features to automatically generate tickets to:

Moving these types of tasks out of the minds and calendars of individual staff is important. It ensures that these sometimes critical actions continue regardless of staff turnover.


Another benefit is that within each scheduled ticket you can include clear written instructions on how to carry out the task. You also gain a long-term audit trail and notes for each time the task was carried out.

One final related note – you could also look into pointing your email security and other notifications to the service desk if you aren’t already doing so. Again, you’ll get a clear owner for each outstanding task, an audit trail of what was done, and you can assign priorities and SLAs. For example:

  • Email administrator notifications (quarantine notifications, content notifications, etc)
  • Print device consumable alerts

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you have any additional useful tips?

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