Retrieving voicemail files from a Mitel 3300 controller, and converting them to WAV

Today I had the displeasure of having to figure out how to retrieve and convert voicemail files from some old Mitel 3300 controllers.

Thanks to this forum post which pointed me in the right direction.

  1. Connect via FTP using a proper FTP client like FileZilla, to the 3300’s IP address
  2. Navigate to /vmail/d/vm/grp/<extension>
  3. Grab the relevant file. They’re all G.711 U-Law format RAW audio files
  4. Grab SoX –, and extract it somewhere
  5. Run the following command:
sox.exe --channels 1 --type raw --rate 8000 -e u-law -v 1 -D <inputfile> outputfile.wav

2 thoughts on “Retrieving voicemail files from a Mitel 3300 controller, and converting them to WAV

  1. I’ve successfully used Audacity to import such Mitel vox files (File > Import > Raw Data, Encoding (U-Law), 1 Channel, 8000 Hz sample rate. This is handy if you want to manipulate before exporting to wav. I ran into an odd problem that has me stumped. I’m trying to do this with voicemail greeting message files, found in /vmail/d/vm/msg/msg.vox (where is the extension number). When I import a voicemail greeting vox file, I see a waveform like this: and the audio sounds like buzzy/choppy noise/static. I hear no voice/speaking or anything recognizable. Whether viewing the remote (ICP) files in a GUI FTP client or files copied to my workstation, all of the msg.vox files are 30 KB in size, which seems unusual. The nam.vox (name recording) files in /vmail/d/vm/name/ vary in size. Those converted with no trouble. I tried using sox.exe as you suggest here, but the resulting wav file has the same problem as it did when I tried in Audacity. Ideas?


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