List all Outlook Add-Ins Using PowerShell

Today, whilst troubleshooting an Outlook add-in issue, I was asked by one of the vendors to provide a list of Outlook add-ins. Rather than take a screenshot, I wanted to do this in PowerShell as then I could invoke it remotely on the machine in question without disturbing the user.

Here’s how I achieved this:

$searchScopes = "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins","HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins"
$searchScopes | % {Get-ChildItem -Path $_ | % {Get-ItemProperty -Path $_.PSPath} | Select-Object @{n="Name";e={Split-Path $_.PSPath -leaf}},FriendlyName,Description} | Sort-Object -Unique -Property name

This results in a neat text-based table that can be pasted into an email:

Screenshot of the output of the abovementioned PowerShell command. Shows a table with the headings Name, FriendlyName, and Description. Lists the Outlook add-ins below these headings.

13 thoughts on “List all Outlook Add-Ins Using PowerShell

  1. Great! Worked a treat for me. Here’s a word of warning to anyone using it though, you need to put in the backslash character separator between the various levels in the registry. I think pasting the code in to the content here lost it for Daniel S as it must have been stripped out by the parser, i.e. HKCU:Software and then a backslash as a separator for subsequent levels like Microsoft backslash Office etc.


  2. This was extremely helpful. Thank you! One thing that I’ve found is a plugin will be installed but not enabled. Do you have an idea of how to show that the plugin is installed, and enabled/disabled?


    • Hi. Yes, you should be able to add “,LoadBehavior” after “FriendlyName,Description”. The only caveat is that you may need to pipe the second line to Out-GridView or Format-List as the extra column is too wide for Format-Table.


  3. Hi, neat bit of code exactly what I was looking for. Quick question, is it deliberate that you used HKCU for the x64 path and HKLM for the x86 path?
    Cheers again,


    • Hi Darren. Thanks. Probably not, it was probably a copy/paste error or had to do with the plugins I was looking for at the time when I wrote this. Well spotted.


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