Installing MYOB AccountRight 2014.x with Folder Redirection

It turns out that MYOB AccountRight 2014.x can’t handle folder redirection being enabled on the user’s documents folder. Here’s how I got around the issue when deploying the application with SCCM and the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSADT).

The problem(s):

1. The installer fails, as it can’t handle the user’s documents folder if it’s redirected:


2. AccountRight doesn’t like having its “Library” on a network location, and will refuse to open your data files.

The solutions:

1. As per this post on the MYOB community forums, you need to change the registry temporarily before installation.


Because I wanted to script this installation using SCCM and PSADT, I went with a PowerShell-based solution to do make the change before installation and revert it back after installation is complete.

Here’s the gist of what I’m doing in my app deployment script:

$regPath = "HKCU:SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folders"

# Determine the the user's "documents" folder path
$originalValue = Get-ItemProperty $regPath -Name Personal | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Personal

# Determine if the user's documents folder is redirected
$documentsFolderRedirected = $originalValue -like "\*"

if ($documentsFolderRedirected) {
    Set-ItemProperty $regPath -Name Personal -Value $env:temp


if ($documentsFolderRedirected) {
    Set-ItemProperty $regPath -Name Personal -Value $originalValue

2. The solution to the library issue is to move it to another location. There’s a customer help article that explains how to do this. I’m yet to find a way to script this as part of the installation, but it’s not urgent as I’m still only in the pilot phase of rolling out folder redirection.

Note that the PSADT doesn’t require SCCM to work. It’s an amazingly useful toolkit for deploying software, and will be the subject of several future posts on this blog.

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