Re-enable Microsoft Office Add-ins with PowerShell

We have some products that include MS Office add-ins that are regularly disabled by the various Office applications because they’re “blamed” for an app crash. Two examples of this are HP Autonomy WorkSite EDMS and Shoretel Communicator.

This script is designed to be deployed and run by scheduled task on all workstations in a domain.

It goes through the registry and finds all matching disabled items and COM add-ins, and re-enables them.

The Office application in question still needs to be restarted after this script has been run. Users usually don’t notice that these add-ins have become disabled, and that causes issues. At least this will cause the add-in to load at the next load of the application in question.

4 thoughts on “Re-enable Microsoft Office Add-ins with PowerShell

  1. Very helpful script. We installed an update to one of our Outlook addins which had a bug and disabled the addin for most of our users.
    Running this saved me from running around to enabling the addin for our 50 users.


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