2TB SATA disks in a HP MSA20

msa20We recently needed to expand the storage space we use for backups. For this, we use a HP NAS 2000S, which is just a DL380 G3 with a faceplate, and two MSA20 storage shelves with SATA disks.

We had 12x 250GB, and 12x 750GB drives.

There is plenty of discussion around on the web about upgrading the drives yourself, and it’s hard to get a clear picture on whether or not 2TB drives are supported. On his blog, Stephen Wagner mentions that he had used a 2TB drive successfully. This was enough for us to know, so we went out and ordered 12x 2TB Seagate Constellation ES, and 12x 1TB of the same model. We chose to use these drives because that’s what our original HP-branded ones were.

There’s also another interesting blog article about upgrading the drives here which goes into some more detail.

Ours are now all up and running perfectly without any issues, we’re still running enterprise-class drives, and we saved a heap of money.

5 thoughts on “2TB SATA disks in a HP MSA20

  1. Thanks for the mention (and link) in your post.

    Glad you had the same success as I did with the MSA20! They are old, but they still work great!



  2. Interesting, I tried using 3x2tb seagate drives and it wouldn’t let me use them, something about 2tb partition size limit.

    I’m curious what you configuration is, raid 0-6 ? how many Phy drives per logical drive.
    firmware and hba controller are you using

    ME I’m running a msa20 connected to a sa 6404. running 64bit linux


  3. Todd, the two MSA20s in question are connected to an SA6400 running under 32bit Windows. The SA6400 is running firmware 2.62. We’re running RAID 0 volumes on one of them, and RAID 1+0 on the other.

    On the one we’re running RAID 1+0 has 3 logical drives of 2TB, 2TB, and 1.5TB. These are combined together within Windows as dynamic volumes which I guess is the same as using LVM in Linux.


  4. Thanks for the info, given the drive size limitations, I’ve opted to use 4 – 1tb drives per ld in a raid 6 config. I could have just as easily used raid 1+0 but I wanted the feature that any 2 drives could fail with out data loss. Speed isn’t all that bad since it’s intended use is a backup device. however I plan to bring a msa 60 online in a few months to eliminate this limitation


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