Determine which DFS target a client is connected to

If you want to figure out which servers your DFS client is connected to, just run the following command from the command prompt:

dfsutil /pktinfo

To quote the inbuilt usage information:

Dfsutil /PktInfo is a special problem diagnosis command that should only be executed on the client.

The PKT Cache keeps information about referrals for previously accessed DFS paths. It also notes DFS targets that are active for each of those paths. By observing the contents of this cache, an expert user may deduct the servers serving DFS paths that are accessed.

Here’s a snippet of the output when run from my PC at work. We have a common DFS share that’s replicated Australia-wide:

Entry: companycommondataShortEntry: companycommondata
Expires in 143 seconds
UseCount: 2 Type:0x81 ( REFERRAL_SVC DFS )   
0:[sydney01CommonData] AccessStatus: 0 ( ACTIVE TARGETSET )   
2:[perth01CommonData] ( TARGETSET )   

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