Gotcha: HP Teaming and Hyper-V

A point to be aware of when setting up a new Hyper-V host on a HP server that’s going to have the Network Configuration Utility (NCU) installed; You must install the Hyper-V role before installing the NCU.

This is as per HP’s recommendation here:
Using HP ProLiant Network Teaming Software with Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 Hyper-V or with Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V

The reason for this, according to HP:

If you install the teaming software before installing HyperV, the network adapters may stop passing traffic.

If you’ve already installed both, but in the wrong order, you’ll need to uninstall both the Hyper-V role as well as the NCU.

To uninstall the NCU (I always forget how to do this, and have to look it up), do the following:

  1. Start, Run, ncpa.cpl
  2. Go into the properties of one of the NICs
    2011-08-11 16-28-55_mRemoteNG - FH mRemote Connection List.xml
  3. Select “HP Network Configuration Utility”, and click Uninstall
    2011-08-11 16-29-54_mRemoteNG - FH mRemote Connection List.xml

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