Quick Tip: Set the “FLAGS” value in a captured WIM after capture

Today I had a problem where MDT2010 didn’t apply the correct “FLAGS” value to the OS within the captured WIM when capturing an image via MDT. This shouldn’t happen in theory, but there’s nothing like a gnarly problem when you’re under the pump.

The value was appearing like this:


I found a similar issue and solution in the MDT2010 documentation:

To resolve this issue, add an Edition ID to the image by running the following command (where edition_id is the appropriate SKU ID as defined in the original factory image or in the Windows AIK, wim_file is the name of the WIM file, new_image_name is the new image name, and new_image_description is the new description for the image):

imagex /flags <edition_id> /info <wim_file> 1 <new_image_name> <new_image_description>

In my case, I did the following:

imagex /flags "Business" /info "capture.wim" 1 "Windows Vista Business" "Windows Vista Business x86"

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