Update: Deploying MYOB Premier via MSI

I recently figured out a better way to get MYOB Premier to deploy via MSI that the previous method that I posted. This method basically stops the MSI from checking if it’s been run by a bootstrapper (Setup.exe). I’ve tested this with Premier 11 and 12 and it deploys fine on XP and Vista.

It can be done by simply creating a transform (MST) file using Orca. This is advantageous over importing the MSI into Advanced installer for the following reasons:

  1. You’ll be using MYOB’s original MSI file
  2. You don’t need to make any changes to the MSI file itself. All changes are specified in the transform file.

This will install Premier to the root of C drive, which is MYOB’s default location. For example, Premier 11 will be installed to C:premier11.

You’ll need Orca installed. Instructions for Premier 12 are below. For Premier 11, follow the same instructions – but take note of point 4.2.2

  1. Copy the default MSI and CAB files from the CD to your deployment share.
  2. Right-click the MSI and choose “Edit with Orca”
  3. Go to the Transform menu, and select “New Transform”. Any changes you now make to the MSI will be effected in a separate “MST” file.
  4. Make the following changes:
    1. In the CustomAction table:
      1. Select “ISVerifyScriptingRuntime” and press delete (or right click on it and choose “Drop Row”
      2. Do the same for ISSetupFilesExtract
      3. Do the same for ISSetupFilesCleanup
    2. In the Directory table:
      1. Change directory “KEY_NAME_SC” DefaultDir to “MYOB|MYOB” (without the quotes)
      2. If deploying Premier 11:
        1. Change directory  “ISYourCompanyDir” to MYOB|MYOB
        2. Change directory “ISYourProductDir” to PREMIE~1|Premier11
  5. Go to the Transform menu, and select “Generate Transform”. Save the transform file into the same network share/folder as your MSI and CAB file
  6. You’re now ready to deploy Premier. Ensure you take note of the key points below:
    1. Make sure you choose the ‘Advanced’ Deployment Method, when you start adding the package to the policy.
    2. Assign the software package to the computer, in the “Computer Configuration” section of the policy.
    3. In the “Modifications” tab, make sure you specify the transform file that we created above.
    4. In the “Deployment” tab, be sure to check the “Uninstall this application when it falls out of the scope of management” checkbox.

If you’re not experienced in deploying software via MSI, the following links may be useful:

7 thoughts on “Update: Deploying MYOB Premier via MSI

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  2. Hi if i wanted to change the default path for premier 12 from c:premier12 to “c:program filesmyobpremier12”

    How would i change it in the

    # In the Directory table:

    1. Change directory “KEY_NAME_SC” DefaultDir to “MYOB|MYOB” (without the quotes)
    2. If deploying Premier 11:
    1. Change directory “ISYourCompanyDir” to MYOB|MYOB
    2. Change directory “ISYourProductDir” to PREMIE~1|Premier11


  3. Thanks for your article this is the first time I have used Orca reading your steps helped me to navigate the field I needed to change.

    I’m deploying myob account right plus v19.8 ED from msi via sscm 2012
    produced an odd default start folder name of SHELL_OBJECT_FOLDER for the end user.

    Followed your instructions on renaming the KEY_NAME_SC field

    Tested the deployment and it fixed the issue like a charm – Thanks again


  4. You didn’t delete ISSetupFilesExtract and ISSetupFilesCleanup in the original. What was the reason for doing so here? I just ask because I’ve tried both ways and can’t tell the difference.

    It also seems that installing via this method breaks automatic updates (at least in v19 and v20, I haven’t tested any older than that). Has anyone found a solution for that?


    • Hi George,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I’d written a reply earlier on my phone, but it mustn’t have submitted properly.

      1. There’s no particular reason that I’ve deleted those items, just that they’re not required by the plain MSI install.

      2. I was never fussed with automatic updates because I used to pull back the old version and then push out a newer version via GPO. Hence why I never tested that.



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