Deploying MYOB Premier via GPO – The free way

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After many attempts over the years to get MYOB Premier deployed via AD GPO, I stumbled across a method this morning using only free tools.

These two tools are an essential part of my MSI toolkit, keeping in mind that i’m not some sort of MSI guru like the guys at
1. Orca
2. WinInstall LE 2003 (WinInstall LE 2003 used to be distributed for free, but now you have to trawl around the net to find it)

The steps are as follows. I used this method for Premier 11, so that’s what i’ll use below.

  1. Import Premier’s MSI into WinInstall, making sure you tick the option to copy the source files
  2. In WinInstall, turn off components you don’t need installed. I did this over creating a transform file, as that’s overly complicated for my needs
  3. Close WinInstall and open Orca
  4. Delete CustomAction->ISVerifyScriptingRuntime
  5. Change Directory->ISYourProductDir to “PREMIE~1|Premier 11”
  6. Change Directory->ISYourCompanyDir to “MYOB|MYOB”
  7. Change Directory->KEY_NAME_SC to “MYOB|MYOB Premier 11”
  8. Save the MSI file and close Orca

This worked for me, so good luck.

3 thoughts on “Deploying MYOB Premier via GPO – The free way

  1. And then deploy using msiexec.exe /i?

    Problem with that is that OfficeLink doesn’t get installed. At least that’s what I’m finding at the moment. This means reports etc can’t export to Excel.

    Does your package, once installed, properly export to Excel?

    I’m pulling my hair out trying to fix this.


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