Australia Post SVG Graphics

While working on some modules for Drupal’s uberCart, I’ve made a bunch of SVG graphics for use with online stores that use the eDeliver Delivery Rate Calculator.Australia Post Graphics

It’s easier to give your customers a graphical representation of the shipping options. I couldn’t find any good ones on the net, so I created these.

Not sure if Auspost mind me putting these up. I’ll take them down if I’m not supposed to have them up.

Download the SVG file here. Use Inkscape to open the file.

3 thoughts on “Australia Post SVG Graphics

  1. hey mate,

    You just sparked my intruige on this one.

    Did you have any good results making this work for ubercart? I am battling trying to do the same thing.

    Nice job on the icons mate.


  2. I actually didn’t get around to doing the module back then as I was trying to get some Aussie payment gateway modules going, but it’s funny that you asked – as i’m going to get it working this week.

    I’ll certainly post it up here if I do.


  3. Sweet mate,
    That is brilliant.

    My mate is meant to help, but he is flat out, so am stuck trying to get this done too.

    if you need any graphics, or design, lemme know, so i can trade off, if you decide to release this one.

    Cheers mate, have bookmarked this one in hope =)



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