If you’re looking for an open-source Knowledge Base, look no further than KnowledgebasePublisher.

v2.0 beta 1 has just been released. I’ve upgraded my 1.5.1 version to 2.0b1 without any issues. The additions are exactly what I was after, as I migrated to KBP from ASPKB which already supported attachments and related articles.

Here are the changes since 1.5.2 as per the project web site (complete with spelling errors):

  • Attachments support
  • Related articles support
  • RSS feeds support
  • Quick responce (when user fills “Contact Us” form)
  • “Contact Us” data saved in DB, later it could be easily copied to KB
  • Email Templates (all email templates could be easily customized)
  • Email Settings such as mailer, sendmail, smtp etc. now could be managed in settings section
  • Improved, more flexible and usable “Settings” + more setting values
  • Meta keywords, description for article
  • CategoryID removed from KB links, now article could be safely moved between categories (old links are valid)

At the moment, all that I feel is lacking from KBP is LDAP integration.

If you need a knowledge base, here is the perfect (and open-source) solution.

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