Joomla 1.5 Beta

Set up a test install of Joomla 1.5, installed com_migrate on the old site, and migrated the data over. The migration is a headache in it’s current form. None of the menus worked – and the site was basically unusable.

That said, the most important items did migrate over:

  • Content
  • Users
  • Weblinks
  • Categories

So what I did then was used phpMyAdmin to export jos_content, jos_users, jos_weblinks, jos_categories out. I then removed references to the old URL (as i’m changing the domain the Joomla site sits under) by manually editing the .sql files.

I then created a new installation with sample data included, deleted the standard jos_content, jos_users, jos_weblinks, jos_categories tables, and imported my ‘migrated’ ones.

This got me my site back up and running as a shell.

The software listings in the Joomla Extensions area are deceptive. None of the plugins are compatible with Joomla 1.5. They all assume you’re going to be turning on compatibility mode. There’s no way i’m going to be doing that, as I want a nice, clean, native Joomla 1.5 site.

The way J1.5 handles {mosimage} tags seems to have changed also. There’s no tab on the side of the editor that allows you to specify a list of images for that article. I haven’t really played around with it, but i’m waiting for JoomlaFCK and a good LightThumb plugin to be made available before I even think of migrating fully.

After that, I still need:

  • Calendar – Currently ExtCalendar.
  • Guestbook – Currently AKOBook
  • Document Management – Currently DocMan
  • To migrate my custom modules over

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